• Obrigado, Lisboa – Thank You, Lisbon.

    Thank you, Lisbon. I wish I had more time to explore the otherworldly charm in you. I will come back soon for Pasteis de Belem, to see the wonders of Castelo de Sintra and enjoy the evening vistas at Miradouro das Portas do Sol. read more


    After 2 weeks of acquainting myself with Spain, I finally had to say Hasta Luego to España in Madrid. I’ve seen many cosmopolitan cities in Europe, but only a few have left me as quite enamoured as Barcelona and Madrid. Even though Barcelona outshines Madrid with Gaudi’s art nouveau aesthetics and touristic appeal, I simply couldn’t bring myself to leave Spain’s capital out of my itinerary. read more

  • The Journey To ‘The Kingdom of Dorne’ In Game of Thrones.

    The scenic locations in Game of Thrones can teleport the spectator across seven different kingdoms through the screen. The medieval castles in Northern Ireland, Mediterranean coastlines, desolate deserts of Morocco and old Croatian towns will take you through a mind-blowing visual story telling experience. Spain is a country that boasts historical backdrops made for epic battles and dueling kingdoms. The fifth season of HBO’s critically acclaimed medieval fantasy drama series, The Game of Thrones was filmed in ‘The Alcázar’ of Seville. read more

  • Take me back to San Marco.

    Venice is a one of a kind city. Artists and explorers have extolled the beauty of this city and revelled in its renaissance for centuries. Venice is also known as La Serenissima, an honorific bestowed upon the Republic of Venice by the Byzantines. read more

  • Last Winter In Berlin.

    Famed for its eclectic art & food scene and notorious for its nightlife, Berlin is unflinching and intriguing. From kaleidoscopic Kreuzberg to Alexander Platz, there is so much to see and do in the capital of Deutschland. Out of the cities, I have visited in Germany, Berlin became one of my favourites where I struggled to say Auf Wiedersehen as I departed to Cologne.  read more

  • 4711 – The Water of Cologne.

    When the Deutsche Bahn from Berlin reached Köln Hauptbahnhof (main train station of Cologne, Germany), a colossal neon sign of 4711, Echt Kölnisch Wasser welcomed me to the home where Eau de Cologne was invented. 4711 is Cologne’s signature scent that has prevailed in the perfume industry for more than 220 years. read more

  • 48 hours in Milan.

    After jet-setting across Europe for 14 days, on one foggy winter morning last year, I landed in Milan’s Malpensa Airport. I was glad that I finally got to set my foot in Italy – a country that I always loved and longed to visit. A friend of mine drove me to a nearby caffè and treated me into a cappuccino and a croissant with pistachio cream filling. Then, we spontaneously decided to make a day trip to Lugano, a small town bordering Switzerland. read more

  • Tales of Alhambra.

    Curiosity brings an American writer to Southern Spain, during the spring of 1829. He makes a rambling expedition from Seville to Granada in company with a friend. In his book ‘Tales of Alhambra’, Washington Irving compiles his accounts of his travels and adventurous companionship across Andalusia. He tells us how he wandered the Sierras, elevated their sunburnt summits, indulged in al fresco siestas and traversed the voluptuous features of Spanish landscape. As the pages meet my eye, nostalgia hits me hard. Irving’s illustrious descriptions were so dear to my recollections of Alhambra. Flipping through the book, each chapter transported me into the chivalric days of Granada where I felt like I was treading the scenes of an Arabian tale, surrounded with splendour and refinements of Moorish opulence and artistry. read more

  • Sevilla – A City With A Vibrant Sangria Of Delights.

    A holiday in Spain is as deliciously diverse as it can get. From Catalonia to Andalusia, there’s vibrant sangria of delights woven into its tapestry of civilisations. Seville, the flamboyant Andalusian capital is more palatable for the culturally curious tourist. If you love the Mediterranean sun and willing to walk a few extra miles, this is the perfect, laid-back, romantic, Andalusian getaway for you. Today, when I look at my worn-out city map of Seville, it takes me back on a transient journey to this amazing city on the path I followed from Iglesia de Santa Catalina to Torre del Oro – Tower of Gold. read more

  • Granada – The Spain Which I Once Dreamt Of.

    Granada is what brought me to Spain. When I flew from Catalonia to Andalusia, I had a luggage full of adventures and expectations. I dreamt of finding myself amazed at the Moorish splendour of Alhambra. I wanted to get lost in the alleyways of Albayzin neighbourhood and take a break in a sun-dappled terrace, watching the Al-Andalus life go by. It’s not just the history and heritage; some of our much-loved indulgences are cherished and treated religiously in Spain. It’s a place where you get to have Churros con Chocolate for breakfast, free tapas with your drinks and on a scorching hot day, Granadinos can treat themselves to a siesta. I will call this a heaven on Earth. read more